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“As much as I wish there was, there are just to may variables that make it untradable.”

Hi Jamie, I do not think that there are that many variables actually. Also, market modes and setups are quite repetitive. For example, look at USDJPY last year. It was in a longer-term trend up because of the clear squeeze against the shorties. In such a market mode, you can even take trend trades and just ride them, or, you can just trade several times per day in the same direction, up against the squeeze. Then, once there was a proper DM switch, the market again entered in a more “rangy” mode with H4 reversals. These phases change slowly, over weeks.
Some market phases can be easier than others, of course. For example, the the DM for whatever reason just keeps on trading in one direction, then you know what the result of that will be.

If you use SMC stuff, well, then you are trying to blend that approach with the MK, which is very possible. For example, if you trade their “fair value gaps” etc., then trade towards these once the DM is where you want it to be etc. There are many ways.

Maybe you need to find a way that blends your current approach with the MK? If you want, post your trade examples (or send them via Email) and I try to figure out what the issue could be.

There are many live trades on youtube, I believe the link was posted again. I have traded live on youtube for years. These videos are still all there, with most going over days. If you go through 20 of these, you will already start to see the same setups again and again, such as IR stop hunts, moves that price in DM etc.

There are certain details about our tech which are not disclosed publicly because it is our prop. tech. In order to successfully trade the MK, you do not need to know the exact calculation of things such as STS, but you need to understand what they imply for your trading. Some people tried to replicate the MK, this without any success. All indis were designed in a way which are also visually intuitive, for example the length of stops is relevant as is the length of position bars etc.

My question is, did you understand all the meta-levels?
Such as Net DM, DC MAs, net loss indi etc.?
Also, which kind of time frames do you trade?

All the best,

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