Reply To: MK web “wish list”:

Jamie Himsley

Hi Djamal

I appreciate the response thankyou.
it will always come down to the individual trader using their own approach to a system/model to make it their own style that will work for them. However there is no way to gain confidence in the MK web. As much as I wish there was, there are just to may variables that make it untradable. Resolution is poor, scales are not explained and at no point has anyone ever sat down and attempted a live trading session where it is clearly show what you are seeing in MK web that will enable you to risk money on a trade in real time as it happens. Doesn’t even have to be live, demo is fine. Unfortunately people need to be taken step by step (me included) not once have I ever heard a response to what defines long ,medium and short term stops and the question has been asked may times, we just have to take it at face value that it is what you say it is. I have been live trading for 12 years and I make a lot of money and mainly trade SMC. Even as a tool for definitive bias this would be invaluable but you cant even do that successfully with it. I am not posting here out of ego or trying to say this is bullshit, I imagine this is your lifes work and I would really really love this to work for other people just as much as you would I imagine. There are too many unanswered questions and the response is always ‘go thru the video course’. People cannot learn to trade by watching youtube videos. you have to backtest!! and then backtest some more!
you have spent a very large portion of time creating the MKweb and it deserves to succeed, but it will only do that if you find a way to teach it to people successfully. Telling people to go thru you videos is not the way, If it was you would be inundated with subscriptions by now.
Do some videos showing your trade selection live using data from the MKweb that is available to everyone else. Give people confidence in what they are looking at so they can evaluate their own trading decisions instead of just guessing, which is basically what we have to do now. If you can prove me wrong I would be over the moon because I really want this to succeed for you. It deserves to succeed and I mean this with upmost sincerity.

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