Reply To: MK web “wish list”:

Jamie Himsley

Hi Wesley
I’ve been following Djamal sines 2019, I have been through the video course. He is a very passionate guy and I fully believe that he makes his system work. For him.
I am a very experienced trader and fully profitable, and I trade using SMC.
Unfortunately tho it is not possible to make profitable trade decisions using the MKWeb for 99% of people purely because a system cannot be back tested. I’ve been here a long time and the same answer by given time after time. “Go thru the video course”
This is a “wish list” thread and I have stated what I feel would be the most beneficial thing to happen for this “community” to prosper.
For people to be just told you need to go thru the video course blindly is uneducated and condescending, not helpful in anyway.
I can absolutely guarantee you cannot list the trades you make here before time and show how your trade decisions are profitable using the MK web alone. Until you are able to do that then it’s best not to comment

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