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Hey Djamal,I attached a photo. Its from your video with Peter where u were talking about the 4h channel . (
Here u said that there is a 90% probability that there is a 90% chance that the price will bounce around 0.6690 because the smart money wont let those shorties win .
My question regarding this is : the red line seems small, I have no clue how to understand how big those short positions r , however the net money and the recent positions show a lot of longies and just from the scale of the green/red stuff I would intuitively say that the smart money will be more inclined to push the price down quite a bit more and not care about the shorties at 0,6690.
Could u tell me if there is a video explaining the scale of the indicators, how to better read them ?
That would be very helpful!
Thanks a lot !! Love this type of videos, maybe we can get some live videos where we can ask live questions about the trades u took.

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