Reply To: Trades Week Ending 13/1/2023

Tim Tim

Trade 2

Trade type: MT stoprun + 4H range rotation Date:09/01/2023
Trade idea: Move up to take out the MT stops and complete raneg against new shorts
Y-axis PB: Some small longs above blcoking but not much(neutral – positive) 75%
X-axis PB: New big longs enetring the market (positive) 100%
Net DM: Short squeez in play but longs increasing (Neutral) 50%
Net T-in-prof: No positions in profit(positive) 100%
Lev Positions: No leveraged longs (negative) 0%
1D chart: Not in play 100%
Where in range: Bottom of the range(positive) 100%
Trade Score: 5.25/7 75% (medium – high confidence trade)

Entry: 0.87989
SL:0.87250 (below the lower MT stops)
TP1:0.8870(at the range high)
TP2: (To be determed or triggered by DM switch)


TP1 : closed 50% at lowest stop. Holding 50% to upper stop 0.88800


Trade Closed: 0.88365
Outcome: TP2 taken in a panic and then price moved up to hit original target. Should have waited as no big longs came in.


What happened after closing trade: Hit original target


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