Reply To: Trades – Week Ending 12/16/2022


Here a sumamry:

An advanced MK trader may have taken the short AUDUSD trade.

Setup: H4 reversal down

– big MTS have been taken out
– previous high has been cleared
– Day chart MA has been kissed
– old longies just above price
– STS below the price
– DM flow decreased
– the price is near the upper H4 reversal band
– no ongoing squeeze
– old shorties have entries far below the price
– no upper stops nearby
– red squeeze is downward sloping
– no major shorties in the way until around 0.678 (there a shorties nest starts)

– no proper DM switch(that is a big one)
– no net loss reversal (green line not in yellow area)
– no good targets below the price

Tradable short but not worth a lot. Hence low leverage. Target a buffer before the lower shorties nest.

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