Reply To: Trades – Week Ending 12/16/2022



I will now explain in detail what the errors were, implied odds.

First of all, when you entered, AUDUSD was already near the upper H4 channel band. That means that there was already “H4 reversal energy” (see here:
The ONLY situation in which you could have bought the dip in AUDUSD would have been if there would have been a clear, ongoing squeeze. However, as you can see from your own screenshots, that was not the case,
both squeeze lines were below the squeeze cutoff line. There was neither strong, new DM flow, only some older ones, these not even high on the scale (like 36).

That means, you did the mistake of “buying into an H4 reversal”, this at expensive prices, this without a squeeze, this without fresh flow, this without a good stop target.
Never do that because the H4 reversal can go all the way to the lower H4 channel band.

Also, as you can see from your day chart screenshot, you also bought into “old longies”, this after the day chart MA has already been kissed and the range was stretched.
It was clearly not a buy trade.
Please stop trading immediately and go back to basics. There are a few topics you need to internalize better.

No worries, you will get there. Just put in the hours.

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