Reply To: Trade reviews

Tim Tim

Nice direction stop target trade

Trade: Scalp long USDJPY 50% trade size
Trade type: Stop target scalp

Trade idea: Move up against new shorts to take closest upper MT stop

Y-axis PB: Not clear, some small longs blocking price(negative) 0%
X-axis PB: New shorts just entered some old longs still in (Neutral to positive) 75%
Net DM: Net short with shorts spiking up (positive) 100%
Net T-in-prof: No position in profit (Neutral) 75%
Lev Positions: New lev shorts (positive) 100%
1D chart: MA below Price(positive) 100%
Where in range: lower ¼ of the 4H range (neutral) 50%

Trade rating = 71%
RR ration = 0.73

Entry: 136.1
SL:135.5 (below lower stops and MT stops and new longs)
TP:136.5 ( At closest upper MT stop)



Trade Closed: 50% of trade closed at target 136.55
50% left open will close if DM switch or MS weakness


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