Reply To: Trade reviews

Christopher Miranda

I can’t say I wouldn’t have taken it, but you closed near break-even, so if you’re hoping to get larger moves without any drawdown, then you would need near perfect entries which is very rare. Remember to be realistic, no ones perfect. There’s nothing to say your trade was utterly wrong, it may just have needed to be held for a few days or more, we shall see I guess.

For the MK, I would be concerned/aware that there are still significant MTS above, LTS are getting close finally (big concern), and NetDM has straight up a tiny amount of longies. The shorties aren’t overwhelming, but all of those previous points make it possible for price to go up a bit more before making big moves down. Personally I would be most concerned with those LTS in range, especially if Longies stay low in the next 1-2 weeks.

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