Reply To: Trade reviews


What about all the DM longs that had recently entered the market prior to the short trade setting up.

You won’t seem them in the first MK screenshot I posted, but there are there in the 2nd one.

In the second screenshot, we also see the ‘DM shorts’ Positions start to ‘Pivot’ put in an M shape and we know that the DM highly leveraged positions are all longs…..of course, perhaps there is ‘DM tolerance’ in the market for the longs?

And what the current situation with the MK is, we won’t know for perhaps another SEVENTEEN HOURS, when the charts finally update…….which was precisely my point.

The short trade, is a throw away trade, risking precisely 0.01 lots…..and it may still work……Forex rarely gives M pivots….first it puts in the M, then rinses it, then tanks, giving traders deploying conventional strategies zero chance……..or maybe, the flash sell off on the PPI News was the Longs RINSE, and the MK indicator will shows us that in approximately SEVENTEEN HOURS from now, when all it’s orderflow data feed is updated.

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