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Tim Tim

Trade: 09.11.2022 EURUSD scalp short

Trade idea: Range trade – Move down towards short nest and MT stop with long nest above blocking price
Y-axis PB: Longs blocking price above and TP just before short nest below (Positive)
X-axis PB: Fresh shorts just entering the market(Positive)
Net DM: On the short side with shorts turning up(Negative)
Net T-in-prof: Longs in profit(Positive)
Lev Positions: NA (Neutral)
1D chart: MA all below for targets (Positive)
Where in range: Middle of the range (Negative)

Entry: 1.05584
SL: 1.06100 ( Above the long nest and MT stop)
TP: 1.05100 (Above short nest and MT stop)


Trade Closed: 09.12.2022 1.05099
Outcome: PPI Inflation came in high expected 0.2% was 0.4% so very quick move down to TP


Does anyone have an opinion on positioning yourself before news advents?

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