Reply To: Accuracy of MK-indicator and Volume bars and positions?


Yeah….I am now embarrassed about my initial full on enthuse. At my age, I should know better. I was misfortunate enough to come to MK indicators with ‘beginners luck’, leading me to believe that the SL tranches were REAL.

They aint real.

I don’t need the MK charts to trade.

I can pull up a bunch of periodic Volume profiles and draw a bunch of orange and yellow lines across the notches/gaps myself. It’s what I was already doing, except I drew faded boxes representing ‘zones’ instead of lines representing hard levels.

I can even tell myself if I want, that the fact that such a Supply & Demand zone was not Rinsed, represents ‘DM tolerance’ if I must.

…and regarding that 4 hour lag during peak trading times. I already posted evidence of it. I expect more of it today. Not that I shall be looking for it.

£56 for charts with up 4 hours data throughput lag during peak trading times?

“Could you put me through to Trading Standards please?”

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