Reply To: No DM Vol data for past three hours on AUDUSD


It might well be, that for the aspect of the MK charts that is really based on ‘Dumb Money’ positioning, the data feed is coming from a retail broker’s ‘Sentiment Indicator’ whereby Retail Position changes are reported infrequently. Once every hour, or two hours, ot it may even be once every 4 hours.

This would explain the lags, which are there constantly.

You can’t use this in real time for low time frame trades.

Go to Trading View, stick on a bunch of periodic volume profiles on a multi chart, multi timeframe layout, and start drawing lines on the gaps or notches in the profiles…notice how price often plays around with these levels multiple times. Draw orange and yellow lines on the ones with multiple tags. And for the ones formed on straight impulse moves, make em blue n light blue. Then stick some Volume Bars, and Elders Ray Bull Bear indicator, or a cumulative delta volume based crossover oscillator (Bull Bear Volume) on your chart. If you must you can change the bull colour to red and the bears to green, to signify that the retail trader is generally on the wrong side of the market.

Now see how you get on (with no 4 hour lag either)

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