Reply To: Accuracy of MK-indicator and Volume bars and positions?


Aside from the FACT that we are not dealing with some insider real orderflow data feed here, not even a proxy from some retail broker, but a fancy pants cumulative delta rig up, with automated plotting over Volume Profile gaps as ‘SL’ levels, and some statistical calculation of what ‘Dumb Money’ positions are still in the game based on what levels were rinsed……..very sophisticated and clever system I am sure….

….but apart from all that.

If you think that it is ok to trade off charts, with a 4 hour lag on key data throughput, with chinks and holes all through it….

….if you think that is in anyway tenable……..

…….then you aren’t a real trader.

How come you are the only one active on this forum who has been here longer than 2 weeks anyhow?

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