Reply To: Accuracy of MK-indicator and Volume bars and positions?



The data displayed in the MK web is not at all accurate, and therefore cannot be trusted for any trade with a likely timeframe of between 1-3 days.

I have just witnessed a great big red dildo DM Short Volume bar appear in the AUDUSD pair. Problem was, this price action happened 4 hours ago, and it only just appeared just then.

Screenshots of this showing proof have been posted in the ‘commercial’ section of the website, in line with the SME-FX’s wishes.

Firstly. The appearance of this HUGE DM Short volume bar, in real time, may have warned against any potential short trade.

Secondly, The appearance of this huge DM short bar, could have given the green light for low time frame trend following trades (against the DM position).

Thirdly, basing trading decisions with data full of chinks, gaps, and holes, is no good whatsoever. Being able to look back after the markets close, and the data has been retrospectively fully updated, is no use at all.

From what I have seen of working with MK web in real time, is that it doesn’t work. At least not during Prime Trading hours.

If this is the reality of it, then I have no use for it.

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