Reply To: Accuracy of MK-indicator and Volume bars and positions?


I know the generalities of the system…..and again, I have seen more than enough to be convinced of the validity of much of it.

….but I need to know whether I am looking at precision, or an approximation. I point you back to the GBPUSD from yesterday, where the Short SL was left on the table, which means if the MK charts were dealing with precision, then the market makers just let a bunch of DM money shorts of the hook, and put them into profits. If we are dealing with some sort of approximation, then surely the DM got rinsed, but the price action didn’t quite match up to what MK charts displayed on the streams.

Knowing which of the two it is, is absolutely KEY when it comes to making decisions with the MK streams.

I am sure DJAMAL could offer a clarification that wouldn’t involve revealing the special ingredients to his secret sauce…….’even if the clarification was “often the MK charts doesn’t update or display properly” or something like that.

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