Reply To: Accuracy of MK-indicator and Volume bars and positions?


I am already a good trader, at least a very good from a technical standpoint……I don’t necessarily need to adopt a whole new system of trading developed by someone else…..

……for me, I see the MK as invaluable information that I otherwise have no access to……..and yes, regardless of what the data actually is, or isn’t, I am already sold on on the MK….I have seen enough to realise the value of the information here….

……but the details are important, or vital even.

A Trader using the MK stream, NEEDS to know what he is actually looking at.

If the SL levels are approximations using some ingenius statistical model, then fine.
If the SL Levels are data taken from some Retail Brokerage that is being used as a proxy from the ‘DM’ that deals directly with the banks, then fine.

But a trader needs to know what he is looking at.

Going back to the GBPUSD….

Is that small Orange MTSL down below, and that rather large Yellow MTSL up above, still in the game……or would they have been likely taken out by retail brokerage spreads?

Knowing this information, can be crucial.

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