Reply To: Trade reviews


Yeah….Shorts were hurting bad in EURUSD as you pointed out….with Longs in good profits….with weight of recent DM trades being longs chasing the ascending triangle breakout (which happened, for about 2 minutes before the smack down on NFP….

Regarding the red and green points on the right side of the screen (is that what you mean by ‘PBs’? ‘position bars’? ) What are they really though? It seems that any that are below price are red, and any that above price, are green, yet we know that a small percentage of the ‘Dumb Money’ is in profit, so why aren’t their positions shown in green, beneath price?

Also, I sat watching the EURGBP switch back and forth in price, turning one position bar green-red-green-red-green-red…etc. Not an aspect of the MK charts that I feel I can rely upon, or read too much into….and of course, in many of the other markets, even fairly well furnished ones such as AUDUSD, these are largely missing, as are the SL bars, even though we all know in reality (in the real FX exchange order books) there are hundreds of billions worth all over the place.

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