Reply To: Few questions about the video course


I can CONFIRM, that the answers to all your questions are negative, as well you know.

1. Where can I find a contact form for the seller of the video course? ON HIS WEBSITE.
2. Where can I find indicators mentioned in the video course? YOU CAN’T. UNDER LOCK N KEY, ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH STREAMING
3. Where can I find the brokerage statements of the person who has made the video course? LET ME GUESS. NO FKN WAY ARE YOU GETTING ACCESS TO THAT INFORMATION!
4. Where can I see live trading videos on the REAL account, I mean STREAMED not recorded and published on YouTube? YOU CAN’T.

I was assuming that you came here on the same page as me, but nope. You have an axe to grind. My guess is you have trialled out MK-Indicators in the past, and you couldn’t get it to work, and now you think it’s a fraud?

Well, me, I am already a profitable trader, and I came here holding healthy reservations about what this MK-Indicator was. And I honestly don’t know what it is. Whether it is genuine volume date from some retail brokerage, a clever statistical model that guesses ‘insider’ volume data, or a combination of both. The indicator seems imperfect, and janky, with limited pairs where it is functioning close to full capacity, BUT….it is like trading with a fucking wall hack.

If you knew your arse from your elbow in the markets, you would very soon see that for yourself.

But if u are just here with an axe to grind……..then grind away as far as I am concerned.

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