Reply To: Trade reviews


The big orange tranche of long SLs was left untouched for the rest of that move, and still hasn’t been touched……

…….I am often guilty of when getting into a trade that runs say 1.75:1 RR, and then comes right back and puts me underwater, I will very often exit at scratch. ‘They’ don’t always have to run the SLs to shake out the fleas. I would have been very tempted to leave that trade scratch had it been higher timeframe and had I had enough to time to let the anxiety grind…AND had it been for more meaningful amount of money…(keeping it small whilst I incorporate the MK-Indicator into my trading).

But yeah…I did have my eye on that level for that reason, AND it would have been cool had it been pinged before shooting way back up higher….but it wasn’t, and still hasn’t been. Although the longies were in good profit, there were very few of them, so I guess there was no need to clean them out (possibly letting lots of shorts escape with their shirts on their backs)

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