Reply To: IMPORTANT reminder


Full disclosure regarding my ‘funded’ FTMO status.

I have been funded 4 months now, getting over the finish line each month with varying degrees of beer money profit on a £10K account, which is really just a £1K account, cos that is all they allow you to lose.

Although I believe my status places me in the top 4% of all traders who attempt the FTMO evaluations, I am still very much in test pilot mode, finding out that whilst I can give myself a solid pass mark for TA, I have to give myself a fail for discipline and temperament.

‘Prop Funded’ or not, I am every bit a retail trader who cannot consider my forex efforts as anything beyond hobby grade for now….I suspect that majority of ‘Prop Firm’ traders that subscribe to the MK Live/Web streams will be in a similar position……(although perhaps with the balls to have just went for a larger sized account)…..charging these guys a corporate rate, would surely put most off the idea.

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