Reply To: Few questions about the video course


After 3 days (5 including the weekend), I got access to the video course. The videos are recorded live, so I have been running MotiveWave (awesome charting package with awesome backtesting features) back to the points in time that Djamal is describing his MK indicator (which seems to change shape and form frequently), and seeing what I would do, given the MK indicator data that Djamal is demonstrating.

I am impressed with the initial results.

With the MK indicator, trades that might otherwise be middling and uncertain, are transformed into no-brainers, when you see a massive tranche of retail stops (cos it is surely some retail brokerages data that he seems to have an enhanced order flow feed from), sitting at some level up above or down below.

Of course, the proof of the pudding, will come when it comes to using it in real time, but I suspect that providing you are already a competent trader, the MK indicator could be very effectively used to either approve a trade idea, or as a means of advising caution when things may not be as aligned in your favour as you would like them to be.

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