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‘New Trader’ here also here, awaiting access to the paid video course, which I paid for via Bank Transfer.

I am already generally profitable and currently running a funded FTMO account. Trading Forex, relying on Forex brokerage feeds, I of course trade without real volume data, but do use the approximation of volume data which on FXCM’s feed, does quite closely resemble CME futures volume data, and do tend to use ‘volume gaps’ as either target or trade entry levels, which will often coincide with Djamal’s liquidity runs, which will be why my trades more often than not, work, even if am totally blindfolded as to which ones are more likely to work than not.

So whilst I am in no doubt whatsoever regarding the principles which Djamal describes as being the true motivation for FX market price movements, my question in the first instance is……if nobody else can get accurate volume data for FX markets, cos the banks don’t like to release the one metric that would give the game away, how come Djamal seems to have indicators showing where DM entries are, and where their SL levels are?

(I presume those indicators are what subscribers pay a monthly fee to use, should they wish to go down this route)

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