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Hi BullFX,

the indi on the MK livestream (the squeeze indi) is a slightly different version (/feed) than from the MK web. Note that the one on the MK web (all time frames) is the “proper” squeeze indi. Apart from that, the median lines on the MK livestream templates have a different colour as compared to the MK web (they are blue). Further, the position bars on the y-axis are a bit thicker on the MK livestream as compared to the MK web.
We learned that clients prefer to use the MK web rather than the MK livestream, so it can be that in the future Djamal decides to discontinue the MK livestream in order to focus on the MK web (currently, all clients of the MK web also have access to the MK livestream).

Note that currently, Djamal is working on a second product (additional auto screenshots) which is more focused on short-term trading (“MK web II”). In that product, there will be a squeeze indi which shows more details also for lower time frames (such as “short-term squeezes”).
However, we do not know when that product will be finalized, it could take a while (and it involves quite some resources in terms of IT power).

Apart from that, Djamal is currently working on an update of all MK web chart templates (“v8.0”) that will include VERY slight visual improvements, such as:
– making the colour of the median lines less pronounced
– increasing the thickness of the PBs on the y-axis (at least on the H1s and H4s)
– increasing the thickness of lt-stops (the pink lines)
Feel free to comment on what you as traders prefer and we give Djamal some input on that.

But to answer your question,
In your analysis, always give the MK web squeeze indi priority over the MK livestream (especially on the H1).
Best regards,

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