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Hi Admin

Has everything been sorted out yet, as I am still experiencing issues with the MK Live Stream Web:
1. Not all currency pairs are displaying and not all time frames for these currency pairs are displaying, and for some of these charts that are displaying, the charts are blanc:
– Only 5 H4 charts are displaying
– Only 5 D1 charts
– Only 9 H1 chart
– 10 M30 charts are there which includes Gold and Silver, thus only 8 currency pairs.
2. The currency pairs and timeframes that are being displayed are not being updated. Most of them are showing last updated 300 000 + sec ago and the other half around 40 000 + sec ago.

Seeing that these issues have been around for more than n month now. Is it not perhaps possible to create 2 x MK Live Stream instances with 4 charts on each instance?
1. We would then be able to reliably monitor 8 currency pairs
2. With only 4 charts on each MT4 instance, the charts will also be bigger than having 6 charts open on the instance, making it much easier to see what’s going on
3. We would be able to reliably see the updates. Or if you can create this just as an interim solution until you sort out the MK Live Stream Web?

Thank you

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