Reply To: First group of MK Livestream Clients: POST your observations here!


“Thanks for the answers man so you mean you have a percentage like for example let’s say if the stoploss cluster/clouds are 3% or above then trade towards that correct? or what if a percentage or you call it a meter level which is higher then the other side so you trade it towards the higher cloud correct? or you are following the trend and when you get close to cluster then you put the trigger?”

Hi Trade365,

personally, when it comes to my own manual trading,
I use hedges and scale-ins. As a general rule, I divide my trade entries into 3,
I may protect a trade once it came and turn it into a free option, etc.

I also use EAs, but only if the MK fits, so for example, if EU is bullish and has not exploited the range yet,
I may activate an EA that will trade pullbacks up and place a pre-calculated stop (and which stops trading after a pre-defined time etc.).

For more “freestyle” manual trades in medium bias situations, I may exceptionally use a rather tight stop,
so that if I catch the move I can ride it, and if not, I exit at small loss.

Many ways to play the game……….


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