Reply To: First group of MK Livestream Clients: POST your observations here!


“Great video mate as usual will explained everything I still haven’t joined the group yet but I will soon and I have a question as the algos go for STS on both sites 1- where do you put the SL on your trades? 2- do you trade toward the DM stops or you take it once the stops are taken and riding it back and how technical is important to you? 3-does technical should line up towards the stops then you execute or how?”

Hi Trade365,

as it can be seen, I trade when the bias is strong. For example, when the DM is clearly placed on one side and I can get a cheap entry towards the other. Yes, this can be after the counter STS have been clean, then back towards the target cloud.
I tend to place stops behind the opposing PB nest, often rather far away since I scale.

Feel free to ask more questions. Also, check this vid:

and this:

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